Linger by Maggie Steivfater (Wolves of Mercy Falls, Book 2)

Sam can hardly believe it, he almost doesn't trust his cure. He keeps expecting to turn, and have to leave Grace behind...but no amount of cold can bring back the wolf anymore. They have survived the winter, and it seems that there is a chance for normalcy.

Now Sam's attention turns to the new wolves...what was Beck thinking? Who could possibly have chosen this half-life? He is concerned about these new recruits. Isabel is the first to notice wolf activity. She still grieves for her brother, and blames herself...but an unlikely friendship has grown between Isabel, Sam, and Grace, born of common loss and hardship.

The new wolf is Cole. Cole loves being a wolf. Being a wolf is simply staying alive, nothing more complicated than that. No screaming fans, no overbearing fathers, no string of meaningless girls or increasingly more dangerous ways to turn off his brain. Just being. So why is he human again? More importantly, how does he turn back?

Isabel is the first person to see Cole change, or rather, encounter him changed...since he walked right into her house, stark naked. She gives him some of Jack's old clothes, and something to eat. Sam is convinced that his early change is due to his new wolf status, and brings him back to Beck's to learn the ropes. They don't exactly hit it off. Cole's irresponsible behavior and general lack of concern for losing himself to 'the wolf' are not exactly endearing to Sam...who has fought so hard, for so long to be human. Not to mention, Cole isn't exactly honest. The scariest thing is that Cole doesn't seem to be able to stay wolf, even in the cold...

Something is going on with Grace. At first it seems harmless, just headaches and fevers...but it's getting worse, and she's having crazy dreams. One night, Sam wakes up and Grace's fever is off the charts, and she's screaming in pain. Several trips to the hospital come up empty, but it seems clear what is really going on...even if no one wants to talk about it.

Will they find a way to save Grace, and coexist with Cole? This is the second book in the series...not as good as the first one, but I'm interested in what will happen in book three. My advice to Steifvater? Less romance, more other stuff...but I'm pretty biased.
"I had begun to think that I wasn't going to change back into a wolf. But this miserable in-between - I got up, went to the back door again, stood in the frigid wind. I gave up after about ten minutes and retreated back to the couch, curling around the turmoil of my stomach. My mind darted throught the gray halls, though my body stayed still. In my head, I walked down the hall, through unfamiliar rooms in shades of black and white. I felt Isabel's collarbone under my hand, saw my skin losings its color at I became a wolf, felt the microphone in my fist, heard my father's voice, saw him facing me across the dining room table," (Steifvater pg. 157, 2010).

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Stiefvater, Maggie. (2010). Linger. New York, NY: Scholastic Press.

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