Beautiful Darkness by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl (Caster Chronicles #2)

November is Not Alone
Strangely, all of the books I chose for this month included a character that was orphaned, partially orphaned, or adopted. While this factors strongly into some of their personalities, all of them have amazing powers of determination and a desire to overcome the obstacles in front of them...and of course, none of these kids are alone. They all have strong allies helping them on their paths. Remember that sometimes, it's how you deal with what you are given that helps decide who you are.

Ethan and Lena survived the Sixteenth Moon...but at what cost? Lena's Uncle Mason is dead, and Lena blames herself. She is pulling farther and farther away from Ethan, and he doesn't know how to help her. To make matters worse, there's a new song on his iPod: Seventeenth Moon. Apparently, the Caster world isn't satisfied with Lena's choice of both light and dark...and she'll have to claim herself once again.

Ethan is having a hard enough time with his own problems. His dad is coming back from the mental hospital, and Amma seems to be on edge after Macon's death. Nothing he does seems to help, and everytime he touches Lena, there's physical pain. If they aren't careful, pretty soon a fire Lena going dark?

The more Lena wants to be left alone, the more Ethan despairs at being able to help her. It isn't until cousin Ridley, the Siren, shows up that he really starts to get angry. He knows something is going on, and who's that guy Lena's with? Who is John Breed....and what is he doing with Ethan's girlfriend?

Oh yeah, Ethan's having visions again. But this time, Lena isn't sharing them. These visions are of Abraham, Macon's grandfather, or Macon himself...but something is different. People are recognizing him in his visions, Abraham calls out his name. Without Lena for support, and not knowing where to turn, he asks Marian the town librarian (quit with the jokes) and Keeper for the Lunae Libri for help. Marian thinks Ethan might be a Wayward, a mortal who is destined to show a lost Caster the way. Could it be possible?

He's working at the library for the summer, and befriends Marian's summer intern. Liv is British, and brilliant. She has a penchant for astrology, and wants Ethan to show her around town. At the State Fair, things come to a head. Lena, Ridley, and John show up and cause all kinds of trouble...and Lena gets the wrong idea about Liv. Pretty soon, things are catching on fire, and the three Casters have disappeared. Ethan doesn't know what to do. He's losing Lena.

Determined to do whatever he can for the girl he loves, he, Link, and Liv follow them into the Caster tunnels...armed with a gift from Ethan's mother Lila: a Arclight. The only thing capable of capturing an Incubus, and possibly their only weapon against the dark forces that are working against Lena. To their surprise, Ridley joins them...she knows about Lena's mother Sarafine's plan. Let's just say the news isn't good. The four of them, armed with help from some unlikely sources, set off to find Lena and John. Will they make it in time? And in one piece?
"I was still thinking about Lena, despite the deafening roar in my ears, until Link's voice was drowned out altogether, and I heard Seventeen Moons. Only now the words had changed.
Seventeen moons, seventeen turns,
Eyes so dark and bright it burns,
Time is high but one is higher,
Draws the moon into the fire...
Time is high? What did that even mean? It wasn't going to be Lena's Seventeenth Moon for eight more months. Why was time high now? And who was the one, and what was the fire?" (Garcia and Stohl pg. 76, 2010).
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Garcia, Kami and Stohl, Margaret. (2010). Beautiful Darkness. New York, NY: Little, Brown and Company.

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