The Reformed Vampire Support Group by Catherine Jinks

Nina is far from what we think of when we imagine a vampire. She is frail, sickly, nauseous, and reformed. She has never bitten a person, in her entire life as a vampire. In fact, her support group is dedicated to just that, making sure that there are no unreformed vampires out there on the loose, infecting people. The support group is made up of other similiarly affected members, all older than Nina, and all frankly sick of rehashing old problems every week.

Something happens to Casimir, the vampire who bit nearly all of them, and suddenly their insulated world is turned upside down. Is there a vampire slayer out there, trying to take them out one by one? With the help of their sponsor, Father Ramon, they put into motion a plan to discover who the slayer may be. Being used to their life of inactivity, this comes as quite a shock for all of them. Especially when they stumble into a werewolf fight! In their investigation of people who purchased a silver bullet, like they one they found at Casimir's place, they encounter the McKinnons. Barry and Dermid are responsible for locking Fr. Ramon, Dave, and Nina up, and for keeping Reuben against his will for the past 5 years to fight as a werewolf.

In a daring escape move, the four manage to get back home, only to be caught in another drama with the McKinnons. Pretty soon, there is no easy way to returning to normal. One comedy of errors follows another, and Jinks does a great job of keeping the story moving. An interesting read, unexpected and fresh. It includes elements of action, mystery, the supernatural, and even a little romance. Also available on audiobook, read in a lovely Australian accent that adds nicely to the story.
"Vampires are meant to be so glamorous and powerful, but I'm here to inform you that being a vampire is nothing like that. Not one bit. On the contrary, it's like being stuck indoors with the flu watching daytime television, forever and ever. If being a vampire were easy, there wouldn't have to be a Reformed Vampire Support Group," (Jinks pg. 5, 2009).
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