Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl

Ethan's about to start his sophomore year at Stonewall Jackson High School. He's been having some weird dreams, but other than that, he's hardly expecting anything new. Especially someone like Lena. Lena Duchannes (rhymes with rain) is the niece of Macon Ravenwood, the town shut-in. No one has seen him since before Ethan was born. The town is abuzz with gossip. Despite her beauty, just being related to weird old Ravenwood makes her an outsider, and they only treat outsiders one way in Gatlin County. Pretty soon it is clear that the popular girls have it out for Lena, but Ethan's got a connection to her. She's the girl from his dreams, literally.

All those weeks he dreamed of her, never having seen her before, and suddenly here she is! Ethan knows there has to be a connection between them, he is drawn to her. Despite her protests, he continues to pursue a friendship. Slowly but surely they get closer, just as everyone else in the town pushes them farther away. They seem to have a telepathic link, and can communicate without speaking. But even with this intimacy, Lena keeps warning him away. What is her big secret? Not to mention all the weird stuff that happens around her: spontaneously breaking a window at school without touching it; the fact that her uncle's house looks completely different inside every time Ethan visits; even the weather seems to follow Lena's moods...and the visions they both see when they touch the ancient locket...

On her sixteenth birthday, Lena will be Claimed. She is a caster, something more complicated and advanced that what we think of a witchcraft, but similar. She comes from a long line of them, and it seems Ethan is surrounded by this web of magic. His Amma, the housekeeper who has helped raise him, sneaks out to meet Lena's Uncle Macon in the middle of the night. How does Amma even know Mr. Ravenwood?

They must unravel the mystery and keep Lena from going Dark, or there may be more at stake than just Ethan and Lena's relationship. Book #1 of the Caster Series is a sure hit, great for mystery lovers, supernatural lovers, and romance lovers.
"Sixteen moons, sixteen years
Sixteen of your deepest fears
Sixteen times you dreamed my tears
Falling, falling through the years...

It looked like she had been crying all night. She probably had. When I touched her face, I saw it was still striped with tears. I held her in my arms, and we swayed while the song played on.

Sixteen moons, sixteen years
Sound of thunder in your ears
Sixteen miles before she nears
Sixteen seeks what sixteen fears..." (Garcia and Stohl pg. 471,

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Garcia, Kami and Stohl, Margaret. (2009). Beautiful Creatures. Little, Brown and Company: New York, NY.

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