The Monstrumologist by Rick Yancy

Will Henry is an assistant apprentice. He works under Dr. Pellinore Warthrop, one of the foremost Monstrumologists in the world. What's a Monstrumologist? Someone who studies monsters, of course. In fact, Will Henry's father was his assistant previous to his untimely death. Dr. Warthrop has taken Will in, and while he is hardly fatherly, still takes care of him. Perhaps one of the most heard phrases in this book is, "Snap to, Will Henry!"

Will knows more than he ever wanted about mysterious creatures, and one night, becomes entangled in a monster hunt. Anthropophagi, frightening man-eaters, have invaded his hometown-more specifically the cemetery-and a corpse is brought to the doctor.

The hunt is on, as the Doctor and Will begin to unravel the mystery. It seems Dr. Warthrop's father may have been involved. A trip to an insane asylum, a visit from a mysterious monster hunter, and a tale of a doomed ship's voyage, and the stand-off between the monsters will keep you up late. Hopefully it won't give you bad dreams, but the graphic imagery and occasionally gruesome accounts are both repulsive and intriguing.

This is an especially great read for boys who enjoy a little more gore. Not for the faint of heart. Great elements of steampunk and horror.
"He is what he hunts, Malachi had said. I did not believe that but understood how Malachi might judge him, and the rest of the town as well, once it learned of the Anthropophagi onslaught," (Yancey pg. 262, 2009).
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Yancey, Rick. (2009). The Monstrumologist. Simon and Schuster: New York, NY.

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