Living Dead Girl by Elizabeth Scott

You hear horror stories about children being kidnapped on the news. Unimaginable stories that hold your attention, and make you feel lucky that nothing like that has ever happened to you. "Alice" was one of those girls, she was a selfish little girl who took her life for granted. She never knew that someone like Ray was out there, waiting for her.

"Alice" is not her real name. In fact, she doesn't even refer to herself by her real name, because she is no longer that girl. He came for her while she was on a school field trip, threatening her with the harm of her family if she ever tries to escape. He tells her of the old "Alice", the one who came before her. All she can do is dream of the day when he will no longer want her. Old "Alice" was replaced when she was 15.

Ray tries to keep her looking as young as possible. She is always hungry, always wears little girl clothes. More than anything else, she has learned that no one notices. People see her, know she is not quite right, know that there is something horrible about her, but no one ever asks. Even the neighbors never say anything. Her only hope is for Ray to tire of her, and find someone else. One day, he decides that she will help him find a new girl. "Alice" will find her replacement. Can she do it? Will she ever find a way to escape him?

The book deals with bleak subject matter, the psychology of kidnappers and victims, the construction of personal identity, and what we take for granted in our lives. "Alice" may not be the brave we wish to be, but she represents what we are capable of handling. Graphic in parts, and deals with rape, kidnapping, child abuse. Recommended for older teens.

"The thing is, you can have that kind of power, and everyone in those audiences knows it. That's why they yell. That's why the say YOU SHOULD HAVE DONE SOMETHING. They have power too. I'd like to see them with it taken away. I'd like to see What They'd Do then," (Scott pg. 41, 2008).

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Scott, Elizabeth. (2008). Living Dead Girl. Simon Pulse: New York, NY

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