Beautiful Chaos by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl (Beautiful Creatures, Book 3)

SPOILER ALERT: This is the third book in a series!

Ethan and Lena are back. After claiming herself at the 17th moon, Lena has thrown off the balance of the entire world, and there are consequences. All the Casters are struggling with their powers. They have become unpredictable and unruly, and in some cases, are virtually useless.

There are troubles for the lovebirds too. Lena can hardly touch without Ethan getting painfully shocked, and with her powers out of control there's not telling what damage she could do. Ridley is trying to adjust to being mortal, while Link attempts to balance his new Incubus powers. The two seem linked in a love-hate orbit.
The normal world is also affected: swarms of locusts, record heat waves, and other natural phenomena are occurring. It is causing some stir with the locals claiming that the end of days is near.

 Everyone is on the lookout for John Breed, who may be the key to solving the whole mystery. It seems clear that Abraham wants him for some reason, and will stop at nothing to get it. He causes havok that destroys half the town, including Marian's library. The Aunts' house is affected, and Aunt Prue gets hurt.

Meanwhile, something is going on with Amma. Link and Ethan follow her to a voodoo magician in New Orleans, where she makes some dark bargain. There is something she knows that she's not sharing.

Ethan gets a message from his mother in the form of his Shadowing Song. He also hears another voice, this one hides at the edges of his mind, lurking. It says, "I'm Waiting." Lena is struggling with the abandonment of her mother, and new visions of the past hint that maybe going dark isn't a choice at all. Is Sarafine actually good?

With the end of the world imminent, what's a kid to do? When Ethan's English teacher transforms into a creature calling herself The Lilum they get a clue. There is no escaping the wheel of fate. Whatever is coming will restore the balance, and create a new order...but who is the song talking about?

Great for high school readers, this is a series with twists and turns that keeps you guessing. The fantasy elements never overwhelm the story, but rather enhance them nicely. The romance is sweet and realistic. Recommended.
"Eighteen Moons, eighteen fears,
The cries of Mortals fade, appear,
Those unknown and those unseen
Crushed in the hands of the Demon Queen...

The Demon Queen? Seriously? After the literal translation of the Vex verse, I didn't want to imagine what a run-in with a Demon Queen could mean. I hoped my mom had confused it with homecoming queen.
But the songs were never wrong," (Stohl and Garcia pg. 206, 2011).
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Garcia, Kami, & Stohl, Margaret (2011). Beautiful Chaos. Boston: Little, Brown.

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  1. Beautiful Chaos is a completion of wonderful literature that had me in awe! I felt like I was in the town of Gatlin as soon as I open the first page, fighting the chaotic events unfolding between the pages. Filled with a great adventure of love and sacrifice, Beautiful Chaos will undo your mind leaving you yearning for more of Gatlin.