The Fox Inheritance by Mary E. Pearson (Jenna Fox Chronicles, Book 2)

Locke and Kara are awake. They have new, improved bodies. It's been 260 years since the accident that took their bodies, and all that time they waited. They are the Fox Inheritance; their consciousness uploaded into digital storage and forgotten...until now. Dr. Gatsbro has rescued them from their imprisonment. All those years they were alive, they were also aware. It was no peaceful darkness for them, and now everyone and everything they knew are gone, except Jenna.

The three had been in a fatal car accident, but she was saved (illegally) by her scientist father. She had set a new standard for medical advancement. The Jenna standard: 10% of your original brain must be intact for you to be considered "human." After all that time in the dark, Locke and Kara are hardly in possession of that. It becomes apparent after a potential client comes to visit Gatsbro's office that his intentions may not be honorable. He parades their new bodies around like they are floor models. Kara is the first to realize their purpose: to sell eternal youth. Their new bodies are estimated to last between 400 and 600 years, and while they are not impervious to harm, they are advanced in many ways. Their BioPerfect gel (blue goo under their skin) contains billions of biochips giving them untold advantages over normal humans.

Kara convinces Locke that they need to escape. They can't stick around and wait for the highest bidder. An opportunity presents itself, and they take it. On the run, they meet a freedom fighting cab bot named Dot who agrees to help them. They race to find Jenna. She's still alive after all this time. After all, it was her reconstructed body that served as a model for their own. They have a violent run-in with Gatsbro and his goons, but they manage to escape with the help of Miesha, who served as their "nanny" while they lived with Gatsbro. They are separated, and Kara goes her own way.

Locke knows that Kara has changed from the girl he once knew. He knows there is something dark and dangerous that grew in the dark. As they race to make it to Jenna before her, he fears the worst. He loves them both, but Kara has always been there for him. He is torn between his alliances, and when he finds Jenna he has a lot of questions. How could she have left them like that? How could she?

It's more complicated than he could have known. Jenna tried to save them, but she failed. She thought she had at least given them peace...but here he stands in front of her. She looks 17, just as he always remembered her (if a bit shorter), and it's hard to believe that 260 years have passed. Kara, however, is still to arrive...and Gatsbro and his goons must be on their way as well. There's no way he's giving up on his investment that easily!

They are on the run: illegal in every sense of the word, displaced and hunted. Can Locke find a common ground between his old life and this new strange world? What will happen between Jenna and Kara when they are finally reunited. Will Kara be pushed finally over the edge? Will they find a way to thwart Gastbro without exposing themselves to harm?
"We had a wordess moment, and it filled an empty part inside me. I felt the calmness of Jenna just like I did all those times when I sought her out in that endless black hellhole. She is not the enemy, I know that, but there are still too many secrets, and I can't shake the feeling that no matter where I go I will have to watch my back for the rest of my life," (Pearson pg. 193, 2011).
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Pearson, Mary E. (2011). The Fox Inheritance. New York: Henry Holt.

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