Fragile Eternity by Melissa Marr (Wicked Lovely, Book 3)

Now, I know you're saying to yourself I thought she said sequels...and I did. Although this is technically number three in the series, it is a sequel to book one (book two introduces new characters, and is followed by book four).

Aislinn has been chosen as the Summer Queen, Donia as the Winter Queen, Niall (Keenan's former advisor) is now the Dark King ... and Keenan is flexing his unbound power as full Summer King. Ash only agreed to be Summer Queen if she got to maintain her relationship with Seth, but that is proving to be more difficult than she first anticipated. For one thing, the mortality issue is constantly looming over them. How long until Seth is too old for her, in her never aging body? For another, she had no idea that the link between Summer King and Queen would be so instinctual, so powerful. As Summer approaches, it only grows stronger. When she isn't around Keenan, she feels his absence. What kind of a girlfriend is she?

Seth has befriended Niall, and won the protection of the Dark Court - but that doesn't make him invulnerable. There are dark forces brewing, namely Bananach (Faerie of War) has been stirring up trouble. Her visits are unwelcome at the best of times, but she is prophesying an impending war.

Donia and Keenan have tried to make it work. Keenan admits that he loves her, even tries to deny his feelings for Aislinn. But Winter and Summer were never meant to be together. Their brief time together at the Solstice isn't enough, for either of them. They agree to use the time they have (aka until Seth is out of the picture), and try to enjoy it.

When Seth starts asking about becoming a faery himself, everything gets really complicated. Everyone in the mortal world denies his request (although Ash is on his side), so he follows Bananach to Faerie. The High Queen Sorcha agrees to grant his request, but there is always a price.

Has Seth unknowingly started the next war? Will Aislinn and Keenan manage to handle this new wrinkle in their arrangement without the destruction of their court? Can Donia put the needs of her court before her own feelings? Will Niall be the tipping point - the last straw - letting his dark emotions and resentment of Keenan lead him into battle?

I will always have a soft spot for tales of Faerie. This is a well-constructed series with good characters, intricate plot lines and plenty of star-crossed lovers. Even those who have left high school behind will relate to the complications that life throws into the best relationships, although (if you are like me) you may also end up yelling at Aislinn for her inability to make a decision.
"'What am I going to do?' He sank to the floor.

'Hope that some of us are kinder to you than you've been to us,' she whispered. Then, before she could soften again, she walked away and left the Summer King kneeling in her foyer,” (Marr, 2009).
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Marr, Melissa. (2009). Fragile Eternity. New York: Bowen Press.

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  1. This is a great book and if you read this book you will likely read the Sequel Fragile Eternity. But I have to tell you to please read Ink Exchange before you read Fragile Eternity. While Ink Exchange follows Leslie, Niall, and Irial... instead of Aislinn and Keenan and Seth they are still very much apart of the Ink Exchanges story. Ink Exchange is totally a part of the storyline and of events that lead up to Fragile Eternity. So while they say Fragile Eternity is the sequel to Wicked Lovely, if you don't read Ink Excahge before Fragile Eternity you'll be missing parts of the storyline.