Wake by Lisa McMann

At first thought it might seem cool to be able to see into other people's dreams, until you realize that you'll have to be subjected to dreams of the football captain's fears of coming to school naked.... Janie knows just how boring and embarrassing it can be to get stuck in someone else's dream...since it happens to her every day.

Janie's mom is an alcoholic, and never really cared much about what she did, or what happens to her. When she was 14, Janie got a part-time job at a nursing home to make some money. Her mom would forget to buy food if Janie didn't do it, let alone buying her clothes. She only really has one friend, Carrie, who lives next door. But Carrie doesn't know the truth, that Janie's a freak who can't control when she'll be witnessing someone else's deep-dark thoughts.

Cadel isn't new, he's always been around. It's just that recently he's become more interesting, or rather...more attractive? One night he offers her a ride home on his skateboard. They don't say anything along the way, and they don't really talk at all until the day Janie gives him a ride to school. She's assigned to sit next to him in class, and can't help seeing his dream of monsters and kissing her all together.

She tells herself she can't get involved, that he would never understand, that even SHE doesn't understand, but he won't leave her alone. They take a class trip on a bus, and all the dreams around her bombard her into a frenzy. Sitting next to Cadel, she can't do anything but ask him not to tell anyone. He holds her until they stop. She knows he'll never want to talk to her again, until he's there, at her hotel room door, asking to hear her story.

He listens, he even believes her, and it's her and Cadel...the relief and affection overwhelming her. But can she really trust him? Maybe he isn't who she thinks he is...

"But there is no one else. No one else but the monster-man with finger-knives, and Janie. Until the door opens, and a middle-aged man appears. He walks through Janie. The chair, sailing in slow motion, grows knives from its legs.
The car misses a mailbox.
It strikes the middle-aged man in the chest and head. His head is sliced clean off and it rolls around on the floor in a circle.
The car comes to rest in a shallow drainage ditch in the front yard of a tiny, unkempt house.
Janie stares at the large young man with knives for fingers. He walks to the dead man's head and kicks it like a soccer ball. It crashes loudly through the window and there is a blinding flash of light-" (McMann pg. 49, 2008).
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McMann, Lisa. (2008). Wake. New York: Simon Pulse.

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