Wicked Lovely by Melissa Marr

Ash was born with a curse, she can SEE faeries. Just like her mother and her grandmother, she has spent most of her life trying to avoid them. They are mean, spiteful creatures, and their beauty belies their true natures. They are afraid of iron, and that is one reason that she spends so much time with Seth.

Seth, the best friend she has, and who recently has started to creep into her thoughts as more than a friend, lives in converted train cars. When everything else is chaos, she can come to his safe haven and relax. That is until strange powerful fey begin to follow her around...Keenan and Donia, the Summer King and the Winter Girl.

For centuries, Keenan has looked for his Summer Queen. The one who would rule beside him, and restore his full power. The game, however, has a catch. She who would be queen must be willing to take up Beira's Staff, and risk Winter's Chill if she is not the one (as Donia knows too well). Those who are wooed by Keenan, but who choose not to take the risk, become Summer Girls. Once mortal girls who are turned fey lose their inhibitions, and rely on Keenan to sustain them.

Aislinn wants none of it! Although she has the advantage of being able to see them for who they truly are, she also is aware of the danger she is facing. She decides to share her secret with Seth, and to her surprise, it brings them even closer together. She must find a way to keep her current life without exposing herself, her friends or her family to the faeries' wrath. Can they discover the answer in time?

"'Yes.' She wiped her cheeks. 'They're real, Seth. It's not that I see things. There are faeries, creatures, almost everywhere. Awful things. Beautiful ones. Some that are both at once. Sometimes they're horrible to each other, doing really'--she shuddered at the images she didn't want to share with him--'bad things, sick things.'" (Marr pg. 29, 2007).

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Marr, Melissa. (2007). Wicked Lovely. HarperTeen: New York, NY.

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