MuZz Volume One by FSc

From the beginning, this story has you off balance. The author, Foo Swee Chin or FSc, has swept you into an afterlife of sorts, and nothing is familiar. Meet Farllee: a girl who doesn't remember her past, or how she got there, only that she is on a train to MuZz with other little creatures. These folks claim to be creatures of imagination, but Farllee clings to the idea that she is human.

On their journey into MuZz, Farllee is almost killed, and finds she can create, destroy, and change the space around her. This causes a good amount of chaos, illustrated by the emotive drawings making up this graphic novel. I admit, parts were hard to follow, and it made more sense the second time around. But the dark, gothic, Japanese-style art is entrancing.

The second half of the story introduces us to Edward, a former Dreamlord, Olive, a girl he found and planted, Savllomon, a companion and traveller into the dreams with Edward, Fealu, an adopted dreasmstress from the SOD (State of Dreams), Modorrellin and Gabriyer, the human twins who get mixed up in MuZzian affairs, among other strange and bewitching creatures.

The story is full of adventure, fantasy, emotion, confusion, and beautiful artwork that makes it hard to put down. Read it twice--once to get an appreciation of the drawing style, twice to make sense of the sometimes convoluted plot--but read it.

Be sure to visit the website for additional chapters that have yet to be published, and other fun things from the author.

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FSc. (2008). MuZz Volume One. SLG Publishing: San Jose, CA.

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